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Which can effectively shorten the molding cycle and increase the injection speed


The classification of hot runner nozzles: can provide multiple series of gate structure forms to meet the needs of different molds or plastic parts; the heat distribution of the melt is evenly balanced; the interchangeability of the parts is good; Nozzles of different gate configurations, such as open nozzles, needle valve nozzles, automatic nozzles, and high performance nozzles. Adaptability, can process difficult molding materials and achieve the best injection molding effect. Internal stress makes the product less deformed. (2) Open nozzle: Open nozzle mainly includes point gate tip and open nozzle; open nozzle can provide larger gate size, achieve good pressure holding effect, and reduce injection molding products.. Materials are available in different types of point gate tips. Composition of the heat flow nozzle: The nozzle structure is for fitting on the outlet of the fluid supply source and generates a fluid jet distributed from the fluid supply source during use, the nozzle structure having a body, the body comprising: An actuator device for operatively flowing fluid from the fluid supply source through the nozzle structure during operation; (2) an inlet through which fluid from the fluid supply source passes during use The inlet enters the nozzle structure; (3) one or more outlet holes through which fluid is discharged from the nozzle structure during use; (4) an internal fluid flow passage that causes the inlet and the inlet One or more holes are connected; wherein the fluid flow channel further comprises an internal chamber having two or more inlet holes and an outlet port through which fluid can exit the chamber; and each inlet


The channels and holes are of sufficient diameter to ensure that they will not be partially or completely blocked and that they are larger than 0. (1) Point nozzle tip: Open nozzle mainly includes point gate tip and open nozzle; point nozzle is the most widely used open nozzle, which can be injection molded according to gate size and different size. Due to the different needs of different households and different characteristics of different plastics, there are many choices of nozzle specifications and models, and can also be customized and processed according to customer's special requirements.Introduction to hot runner nozzles


The nozzle can inject the split plastic melt into each cavity through the hot nozzle, which fully reduces the injection pressure and reduces the internal air cooler mould stress of the product and improves the product quality. (3) Needle valve type nozzle: The valve needle is controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, which can effectively shorten the molding cycle and increase the injection speed; no gate mark can effectively improve the surface quality, widely used in the processing of fine surfaces; good for injection molding materials