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Our company has a strong structure of technology, CAD/CAN systems and advanced high-precision CNC machine center and advanced technology and equipment

Dalang aluminum die-casting mold should pay attention to the strength

Dalang aluminum die-casting mold should pay attention to the strength of the skeleton and prevent the deformation after the rubber coating. In principle, it does not affect the sealing glue! Confirm the size of the plastic mold, then the position of the rubber feed point and the adjustment of the molding parameters, and the mold strength has No problem, I saw that there seemed to be some edgy. It is necessary to pay attention to the TPU material.. As long as you pay attention to the production process, there will be no big problem! The bonding of soft rubber and hard rubber in the rubber mold is a key place, and it is also a difficult problem to solve.Note on the plastic mold


The precautions for the plastic mold are not much different from the ordinary plastic mold. mold! TPU's fluidity is relatively slow, and the cooling cycle will be longer.) Guangdong packaging plastic mold design should first pay attention to the shrinkage rate problem. However, due to cost considerations, even if there is such a problem, it is still necessary to do the rubber mold. (very serious.


Then a design problem, the Empty space is as easy as possible to facilitate the placement of external parts and mold cost. The external parts are not shrinking. The characteristics of the mold are relatively easy to stick. If the product can be used as a sand surface, it is easy to take off. -GF, TPE is the most air cooler mold manufacturers difficult, you do not know that there is a solution to this problem



The injection molding workshops include world-class products


The company is a mold company with an existing plant area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters. The birth of each product has given our team the strength and innovative spirit, with a rigorous attitude and focus on excellence to design the most Car Light Mould Manufacturers perfect products for customers. 10 sparking machines, 4 high-power EDM precision mirror sparking machines, 8 wire cutting machines, 25 trampolines, and other supporting molding equipment. The injection molding workshops include world-class products such as Hong Kong Dahua,

Toshiba and HVSKY in Canada. As a necessary operation standard for each employee, it is also the only way for the company to continue its business development. The company manufactures 25 models of various types of injection molding machines. The company has an excellent technical talent team and advanced scientific and technical equipment.

Designing molds for customers free of charge is a relatively large mold company, welcome new and old customers to visit and guide;. It has a variety of imported equipment, including one high-speed copying machine imported from the UK, three high-precision CNC machining centers and five imported CNC machining centers. At the same time, there are precision measuring instruments such as projectors and coordinate measuring instruments to meet the requirements of mold precision. The trust of new and old customers. The company implements five concepts—quality concept, cost concept, time concept, efficiency concept, and credibility concept


Polymer materials and their molding technology are also mainly dependent


According to the statistics of Prospective Industry Research Institute “2014-2016 China Plastic Mould Industry Development Prospect Forecast and Transformation Upgrade Analysis Report”, the top ten plastic mold enterprises in China in 2015 are listed below (in no particular order): Jiangyin Moulding Group Co., Ltd. Company Hongzhun Precision Mould (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Herbi (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd. Shengmei Precision Industry (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. Jinsheng Precision Components Co., Ltd. Yinbaoshan New Technology Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Yihe Precision Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. Beieruo (Guangzhou) Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. Changhong Mould Technology Co., Ltd. Ningbo Shuanglin Mould Co., Ltd. Hengxingchang Mould Technology Co., Ltd. has five of the top ten in the Pearl River Delta region, two of which are located in the city. Another four are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta region, two of which are in Kunshan. The report also stated that China's plastic mold industry achieved sales revenue of 83.545 billion yuan in 2012, an increase of 13.21%. Quote: In 2009-2012, driven by the sustained and rapid growth of the industrial economy, Guangdong's mold industry developed rapidly.


According to statistics released by Huangpu Customs on August 5, Guangdong Province exported US$360 million in molds in the first half of 2009, compared with last year. In the same period, the growth rate was 12%, and the total export volume exceeded the second-ranked Zhejiang Province by more than double, making it the “China's largest mold province” and the molding technology is close to the international level. In the past two years, China's mold manufacturing technology has continued to improve. China has been able to produce multi-station progressive die with an accuracy of 2 microns and a service life of more than 300 million cycles. The multi-station progressive die produced by individual companies can be used on high-speed punches of 2000 times per minute with an accuracy of 1 micron. Coastal areas, especially Guangdong Province, are at the forefront of the industry in terms of the overall quantity and quality of mold manufacturing. The molding technology is close to the international level of developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany and Italy. Under the situation that the world economic variables have increased in 2009 and China's manufacturing industry has responded positively, the “Equipment Manufacturing Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan” recently adopted by the State Council of China has made the technical level of upgrading molds and their manufacturing equipment a key content. It is understood that Guangdong Province exported 190 million US dollars of molds to Hong SMC moulds factory Kong in the first half of the year, an increase of 18%, accounting for about 70% of total exports; exports of molds to the EU more than 50 million US dollars, accounting for 20% of the total. This year, GM declared bankruptcy, and foreign auto companies shuffled. These companies will develop new models, and the molds they use will go to developing countries such as China. Luo Baihui, an expert in China's mold industry, believes that despite the current economic downturn in the international mold market, Guangdong mold companies still have a lot of room for development. With the rapid development of domestic energy-saving technology and automobile industry, the application of new material technology in the mold industry has ushered in new opportunities; the rapid growth of the consumer electronics market and the rise of the medical device industry have also provided the development of mold, molding and surface decoration technology. The huge platform puts higher demands on the mold forming technology. At present, molds, high-performance, polymer materials and their molding are high-tech industries supported by the state, but high-precision mold manufacturing equipment and molding equipment, as well as large, complex, long-life, high-precision molds rely on imports. High performance, high strength, polymer materials and their molding technology are also mainly dependent on foreign countries.


According to the plan, the Ru0026D center consists of 7 research laboratories, including the new product design room, the new material technology research room, and the product and technical standard preparation research room. After the establishment, it will be responsible for the introduction, absorption, digestion, innovation and improvement of new products, new materials, new technologies, new processes and equipment, and project research and development according to the development of the enterprise and market demand. To undertake research on national, provincial and municipal scientific research projects, promote corporate intellectual property protection, and train technical and management talents for enterprises, and provide technical training for enterprises and industries. The Ru0026D center will provide scientific and technological services or scientific and technological achievements to the small and medium-sized enterprises in the domestic industry for transfer, promote the development of industry and industry, and plan to complete more than 10 projects including nano metal coating materials and anti-oxidation and explosion-proof magnesium alloy materials from this year to 2012. To verify and accept the work, we will strive to become a national engineering center within three years. In 4 to 5 years, the research and application in the field of mold design and manufacturing technology, new materials and its molding process and equipment technology, non-conductive vacuum coating process and equipment technology has reached the international leading level. As a supporting unit, City Hengxingchang Mould Technology Co., Ltd. has carried out independent research on 15 projects in mold, molding, coating and industrial automation equipment. Enterprises and major technology management research institutes establish a relationship of industry-university-research cooperation alliance, which can jointly undertake national, provincial and municipal scientific research tasks. This article shares the address:


Which can effectively shorten the molding cycle and increase the injection speed


The classification of hot runner nozzles: can provide multiple series of gate structure forms to meet the needs of different molds or plastic parts; the heat distribution of the melt is evenly balanced; the interchangeability of the parts is good; Nozzles of different gate configurations, such as open nozzles, needle valve nozzles, automatic nozzles, and high performance nozzles. Adaptability, can process difficult molding materials and achieve the best injection molding effect. Internal stress makes the product less deformed. (2) Open nozzle: Open nozzle mainly includes point gate tip and open nozzle; open nozzle can provide larger gate size, achieve good pressure holding effect, and reduce injection molding products.. Materials are available in different types of point gate tips. Composition of the heat flow nozzle: The nozzle structure is for fitting on the outlet of the fluid supply source and generates a fluid jet distributed from the fluid supply source during use, the nozzle structure having a body, the body comprising: An actuator device for operatively flowing fluid from the fluid supply source through the nozzle structure during operation; (2) an inlet through which fluid from the fluid supply source passes during use The inlet enters the nozzle structure; (3) one or more outlet holes through which fluid is discharged from the nozzle structure during use; (4) an internal fluid flow passage that causes the inlet and the inlet One or more holes are connected; wherein the fluid flow channel further comprises an internal chamber having two or more inlet holes and an outlet port through which fluid can exit the chamber; and each inlet


The channels and holes are of sufficient diameter to ensure that they will not be partially or completely blocked and that they are larger than 0. (1) Point nozzle tip: Open nozzle mainly includes point gate tip and open nozzle; point nozzle is the most widely used open nozzle, which can be injection molded according to gate size and different size. Due to the different needs of different households and different characteristics of different plastics, there are many choices of nozzle specifications and models, and can also be customized and processed according to customer's special requirements.Introduction to hot runner nozzles


The nozzle can inject the split plastic melt into each cavity through the hot nozzle, which fully reduces the injection pressure and reduces the internal air cooler mould stress of the product and improves the product quality. (3) Needle valve type nozzle: The valve needle is controlled by pneumatic or hydraulic pressure, which can effectively shorten the molding cycle and increase the injection speed; no gate mark can effectively improve the surface quality, widely used in the processing of fine surfaces; good for injection molding materials


What are the main processing qualities of new plastic molds

After the mold processing plastic mold calculates the structure, shape and size of the mold, it also needs to put forward the basic requirements for the processing quality and use conditions of the mold. What are the main requirements? Tell us now what these requirements are. (1) The hardness of the medium W is uniform. After the mold is quenched and tempered, the hardness value HRc is 45-51 (depending on the cable tie mould size of the mold, the larger the size, the lower the hardness required). (2) There is a high enough manufacturing precision, the shape tolerance and dimensional tolerance of the mold meet the requirements of the drawings (generally manufactured according to negative tolerance), and the matching dimensions have good interchangeability. (3)


There is a sufficiently low surface roughness, and the roughness of the table should only be 3.2-1.6Mm. The working surface has a surface roughness of 1.6-o. 4Py', the surface should be nitrided, phosphatized to treat other surface heat treatment, such as multi-element co-infiltration treatment and chemical heat treatment; (4) have good neutrality, the contact rate should be greater than 80%. (5) mold no Internal defects can only be used afterwards. 'Generally, ultrasonic testing and surface quality inspection should be carried out. (6) The transition of the working belt and the transition zone of the cavity of the cavity and the transition of the welding cavity are smooth and evenly transitioned, and no corners are allowed. The number of holes in the porous rod die can be selected according to the following principles: (1) Reasonable extrusion coefficient A. According to the extrusion force of the extruder, the length of the extruder receiving table and the cooling table, the size of the extrusion cylinder, the mechanical and mechanical requirements of the product, the deformation resistance of the extruded alloy, and the like; For aluminum alloy bars, A can take 8-40, where the soft balance takes the upper limit, the hard alloy takes the lower limit c(2), and the mold strength c is used to improve the service life of the die, the distance between the die hole and the die and the die


The distance should be kept at a certain value. For extruders below 50MN, generally take 15-50mm, the small tonnage extruder takes the lower limit, and the large tonnage squeezer takes the upper limit. For large extruders above 80MN, it should be increased to 30-80mm: (3) Good product surface quality: In order to prevent the dirty logistics person on the surface of the ingot from squeezing the product towel, the edge of the die hole and the extrusion tube should be made Keep a minimum distance, generally 10% -30% of the squeezing of the squeezing (the lower limit of the large extruder, the limit of the small extruder), in addition, in order to prevent surface scratches and sprains, reduce 1 : The labor intensity and the amount of waste, the number of plastic mold holes should not be too much.

The inner mold needs to be sprayed with white/colorless rust inhibitor


In order to improve the quality of the mold, the plastic mold company minimizes the complaints about the quality of the mold and handed it to the customer's satisfactory mold. Now it summarizes and summarizes the common problems of mold manufacturing, and establishes standards and implements according to requirements. This is very important, like friends. Can be collected! 1, the hot mouth slot must be rounded to avoid scratching the wire. 2, the mold guide post guide sleeve should be processed to the exhaust groove to prevent the guide post guide sleeve strain. 3, the mold must not have sharp corners, need chamfering treatment. Except where otherwise specified. 4. The inner mold and mold parts must not be welded without consent. 5. Important wearable parts such as row position, push block, shovel chicken, and pout must be nitrided and hardened. 6. The periphery of the mold product must be opened at the appropriate position.


For the specifications of the exhaust groove, please refer to the mold design manual. 7. Avoid using a sander to polish the mold as much as possible. If it is necessary to use a sander, you must use oil stone to save light (especially the parting surface). 8. The thimble adopts the hasco or dme standard, which is determined by the mold technical requirements determined by the bom table or other formal notices. 9, the mouth should be nitrided, you need to do a resale. The radius of the beak must meet the drawing requirements. The mouth is not nitrided and may have been injured before the mold. 10, the conventional structure mold must be arranged with the head, the two ends need to be smoothed, the small mold pre-pressure 0.1mm, the large mold pre-pressure 0.1mm-0.15mm. 11. The diameter of the positioning ring must conform to the drawings. The form and position of the top joint must conform to the drawings. 12, mold transfer acceptance: need to cooperate with the mold engineer according to the 'mold check table' acceptance before passing the package to mold. 13. Before the mold is transferred, the water pressure should be tested (100pa or more). After the water is accepted and accepted, the air gun should be used to blow the water clean. 14. According to the bom table or the confirmed pattern, the faucet must be machined and installed according to the die. Drill holes must not be drilled, and sharp angles must be chamfered. 15. All the words on the mold must be neat, correct, and not to be twisted. 16, the mold needs to be installed on the four sides of the side lock (straight body lock). If the side lock cannot be installed, you need to install a taper lock or a cone lock. The taper lock should be installed sideways. 17, all screws and mold parts need to be the preferred standard parts, the screw head can not be sawn off. The effective locking length of the screw must be sufficient, normally 1.5 or 2. 18. The surface treatment of the internal mold surface must be carried out in accordance with the bom table or other officially notified technical requirements. The processing lines on the non-adhesive surface (line cutting, milling machine, cnc trampoline, spark machine) should also be polished with oil stone. 19. For all internal mold materials, the mold blank level requirements must be purchased according to the order or the technical requirements officially confirmed during the design review process.


A proof of material must be provided, and if it is a hard mold, a heat treatment report must be provided. All relevant proofs. 20, the front and back inner molds of all molds, inserts, row position, slant top, straight top (push block), shovel chicken, etc. need to process a waist round pit on the bottom or side, the chair mould manufacturers material name and hardness are carved out. 21, thimble, cylinder, thimble, slant top and thimble board should be engraved with the corresponding identification code for easy installation. If the thimble position is not horizontal on the product, you need to make the ejector pin 'd' type or use the anti-rotation key to position. 22, the outer surface of the mold embryo in the manufacturing process, need to pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust, scratches. Before the mold is packaged, the inner mold needs to be sprayed with white/colorless rust inhibitor. All mold surfaces must be cleaned and then buttered. 23, the position must have a position. Positioning methods include slingshot, wave bead, hasco (dme) standard position clip, etc., which need to be in accordance with the requirements of each project.


The row needs to have a bead and a wear plate. For the beading and wear-resistant plates, wear-resistant hard materials must be used, and oil grooves are required. 24. The row guide column must be pressed tightly and cannot be rotated or loosened. The tail of the inclined guide column must be processed into a hemispherical or truncated cone shape to help ensure normal movement of the row. If there are two or more inclined guide columns in the same row position, the length, size and inclination of the inclined guide columns must be the same. 25, the inclined top seat must use wear-resistant hard material. The inclined top must be machined with oil grooves. The inclined top seat is generally hardened with 2510 or cr12 to hrc40-45 degrees. Because the inclined top seat is subjected to the impact load, it cannot be too hard or it will break and chamfer the c angle at all right angles. . A sloping top guide (bronze) is required. Do not weld.


The parting surface of the plastic mold is where the mold gas is discharged


Plastic mold exhausting precautions The parting surface of the plastic mold is where the mold gas is discharged. If the parting surface is flat, the grinding surface is used for grinding, and the parting surface after grinding is very well attached. The gas in the cavity should not be discharged. It is necessary to open the exhaust groove on one side of the cavity. If the parting surface is a curved surface or a beveled surface, it is often vented directly due chair mould manufacturers to the accuracy of the processing, and it is not necessary to process the venting groove on the parting surface of the plastic mold.


The venting groove of Huangjiang plastic mold is often set to two levels. The first-stage venting groove is mainly closed plastic, which only discharges air, while the secondary venting groove is often deeper, which facilitates the rapid discharge of gas. The venting groove of the plastic mold should be cleaned regularly. After injection molding, many plastics tend to leave a small amount of residue on the surface of the venting groove of the plastic mold, similar to plastic powder. When the time is long, after a long period of time, these residues will block the mold venting groove, making gas discharge difficult. Therefore, the exhaust groove of the plastic mold should be cleaned in time.


The venting groove of the mold is easier to clean on the parting surface and can be wiped off directly. The venting grooves on the surface of the putter or in the sloping roof are also easier to clean, and they are often cleaned up due to their own movement. The most difficult to clean the venting groove and the most easily overlooked is the venting groove of the fixed parts between the inserts. This must be cleaned regularly.


I will talk about how to effectively prevent the mold from rusting


How to effectively prevent mold rust.No matter which industry we have production, we will come into contact with the mold, and most of the mold will be rusty after a long time. If the mold is rusted, it will be a big loss to the manufacturer. Then I will talk about how to effectively prevent the mold from rusting, mainly because the mold is not used in the humid environment, the rust prevention is used after the temperature is lowered, and the long-term rust inhibitor is used. First, the rust can be used after cooling. The rust agent was sprayed before the mold was cooled down.


After a few days, the mold rusted. The reason is that before the mold returns to temperature, it will absorb the moisture inside the rust inhibitor, which will produce signs of rust. The best way is to wait for the mold to cool down naturally, and then use the mold rust inhibitor after cooling. Second, use long-term rust prevention. At present, there are many anti-rust agents, anti-rust oils and anti-rust powders on the market. However, long-term rust inhibitors are professional mold rust inhibitors, and the general rust prevention cycle is one to three years. It can effectively protect the mold safety of the factory and reduce unnecessary losses. Third, avoid placing the mold on the wet ring. The ancients said that the water drops are worn. The mold is the same. If it is placed in a damp place for a long time, it is useless to use the best rust inhibitor, which will eventually cause the mold to rust. Therefore, when we remove the mold from the injection molding machine, we must pay attention to the storage environment. It is best to choose a dry, ventilated mold rack, so you don't have to worry about rusting the mold for so long years of storage.


Fourth, in addition to this, there must be regular maintenance. Regular derusting (appearance, basket moulding PL surface, cavity, core, etc.), periodically re-lubricating (ejection mechanism, row position, etc.), regular replacement of wear parts (rods, bolts, etc.).


This method may not reduce the shrinkage marks to a satisfactory level by itself


How to reduce shrinkage in plastic mold processing Shrinkage is the enemy of plastic mold processors, especially for large-scale home appliances precision plastic mold products with high surface quality requirements, shrinkage is a stubborn disease. Therefore, various technologies have been developed to minimize shrinkage and improve product quality. In the thicker position of the plastic mold parts of the Huangjiang, such as the ribs or protrusions, the shrinkage is more serious than the adjacent position, because the cooling rate of the thicker area is much slower than the surrounding area.


The difference in cooling rate causes a depression at the joint surface, which is a familiar shrinkage mark. This kind of defect severely limits the design and molding of precision plastic mold products for home appliances, especially large-scale thick-walled products such as the bevel case and display case of TV sets.

In fact, for the demanding products such as household electrical appliances, the shrinkage marks must be eliminated, and for products such as toys that have low surface quality requirements, shrinkage marks are allowed. There may be one or more reasons for the formation of shrink marks, including processing methods, component geometries, material selection, and mold design. The geometry and material selection are usually determined by the raw material supplier injection moulding manufacturers and are not easily changed. But moldmakers still have a lot of factors about mold design that can affect shrinkage. Cooling runner design, gate type, gate size can have multiple effects. For example, small gates such as tubular gates cool much faster than tapered gates. Premature cooling at the gate reduces the fill time in the cavity, which increases the chance of shrink marks. For molding workers, adjusting the processing conditions is one way to solve the shrinkage problem. Filling pressure and time significantly affect shrinkage.


After the part is filled, the excess material continues to fill the cavity to compensate for the shrinkage of the material. Too short a filling phase will result in increased shrinkage and eventually more or larger shrinkage marks. This method may not reduce the shrinkage marks to a satisfactory level by itself, but the molder can adjust the filling conditions to improve the shrinkage marks. Another method is to modify the mold. A simple solution is to modify the conventional core hole, but this method cannot be expected to be suitable for all resins. In addition, the gas-assisted method is also worth a try.


The correct and reasonable die-casting mold is a prerequisite for the smooth production of die-cast parts


Die-casting mold is one of the three major factors in die-casting production. The correct and reasonable die-casting mold is a prerequisite for the smooth production of die-cast parts, and plays an important role in ensuring the quality of castings. Due to the characteristics of the die-casting process, the correct selection of each process parameter is the decisive factor for obtaining high-quality castings, and the mold is the premise of being able to correctly select and adjust various process parameters. The mold design is essentially the prediction of various factors that may occur in the die-casting production. Comprehensive reflection.


As I said at the beginning, the filling time of the molten metal is extremely short, and the specific pressure and flow rate of the molten metal are very high. This is extremely difficult for the die-casting mold, and the impact of the alternating stress of the chilling heat. The effect has a great influence on the service life of the die-casting mold. The service life of die-casting molds usually refers to the number of die-casting modules (including die-casting production) that are carefully designed and manufactured under the conditions of normal use, combined with the natural damage that occurs under good maintenance, before being scrapped and scrapped.


The number of scraps in the project). If the mold design is reasonable, there are fewer problems encountered in actual production, and the pass rate of the castings is high. On the contrary, the die-casting mold design is unreasonable. For example, when the die-casting parts are designed, the wrapping plastic injection moulding force of the fixed-die is basically the same, and the casting system is mostly fixed in the mold, and it is produced on the die-casting machine where the punch cannot be fed after the injection, and the normal production cannot be performed. Die-cast parts are always stuck to the fixed mold. Although the finish of the mold cavity is very light, due to the deep cavity, there is still a phenomenon of sticking to the fixed mold.


Therefore, in the design of the mold, it is necessary to comprehensively analyze the structure of the casting, familiar with the operation process of the die-casting machine, to understand the possibility of adjustment of the die-casting machine and process parameters, to grasp the filling characteristics under different conditions, and to consider the method of processing the die-casting mold, After drilling and fixing the form, it is possible to design a mold that is realistic and meets the production requirements.